It's about getting the recipe right - 20 years ago, I started my career as a professional baker. I worked in large production environments churning out hundreds of delicious pastries each day. Baked goods have a shelf life and when things didn't sell, I saw an incredible amount of waste.

Wanting to create a product that was less wasteful and more eco-friendly, I took a break from baking, but went back to the kitchen...This time testing and experimenting with soy waxes, beeswax, oils, wicks, containers.

I got the recipe right and am pleased to introduce you to Midheaven Candles. Making candles gives me a creative outlet but without all the waste. Some of the scents even remind me of my days spent in the bakery. 

Based in Bristol, New York, these hand-poured all-natural soy candles are dye-free, feature the highest quality pure fragrances, essential oils, cotton wicks, and are made from 100% USA-grown ingredients.