Personalized Wedding Favor from Midheaven Candle for 2021-2022 Weddings – Available across the United States

Create a custom wedding scent or select from our popular scents.

Midheaven Candle at your wedding creates ambiance, a party favor and a lasting memory for you and all of your guests. With Midheaven Candle as your personalized wedding favor each of your guests will have a take-home memory bringing them back to the magic of your day for months to come.

Included in our most common Wedding Favor package available in Autumn Air, Coastal Driftwood and Lavender:

  • 10 Large Glass Midheaven Candles (9oz - 50 hours)
  • 100 Large Tin Midheaven Candles (6oz - 38 hours)

Many of our brides keep the Large Glass candles to enjoy the first year of marriage and others decide to share with their wedding party as a final thank you for being a part of their special day.

Estimated Cost: $1,950 To secure your spot in the 2021-2022 season and to start the conversation please complete your $25 refundable deposit here.

We also help brides create a custom scent for their special day - custom packages are limited each year. For more information please reach out to our founder Stacey at

Weddings With Midheaven Candles
Weddings With Midheaven Candles
Weddings With Midheaven Candles